Soccer Ball from Adidas Embeds Technology; miCoach Smart Ball Brings High-End Tech to Playing Arena

May 28, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Technology has started paying ball in our everyday lives in a big way. Talk of anything these days, and you would get to see a unique tech element in it.

Companies have been ruling the roost with amazing tech products that rule our leisure as well as busy hours, during any part of the day.

For instance, wearable technologies have invaded every part of our day to day activities, and they continue to find more avenues to spread.

Technology has even entered the sporting arena in a manner we never would have imagined some 10 years ago. Recently, we witnessed companies like Nike and Adidas bringing in sensors into their clothing range, making us into a mode of elation.

miCoach Smart Ball

Adding to the fun, Adidas is now infusing high level technology into a ball.  Called the miCoach Smart Ball, the new toy is nothing other than a soccer ball with multiple sensors built into it.

What can technology add in terms of value to a soccer ball, you tend to ask? The sensors that are embedded into the ball are capable of “relaying information and data about how the ball was kicked and how hard it was kicked to a smartphone app”.

What for? Going by what we hear, such info can be of help to players in such a way that they get to improve their game on the whole.

The app, which is part of the pack, will also show you data such as amount of spin and trajectory that is a result of a kick.

In addition, the miCoach Smart Ball can also aid footballers to improve precision. This in turn is expected to help in error-free shoots, long passes, penalties, free-kicks, corner and goal kicks.


With technology now being kicked around in a football arena, it looks like this is just a start. More and more tech inspired innovations might get on to the playing fields in a major way in the near future.

Adidas may be credited with kicking off a revolution of sorts, with the introduction of the miCoach Smart Ball.  The Ball has already arrived in the US and Europe and is your to pick for around $299 and Euro 299 at the Adidas’ website and Apple’s online store. You will find it at any of the Adidas physical store too.

What are you waiting for?


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