Steps to Block Annoying Callers on your iOS 7 Device

May 27, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mobile phones come with a slew of advantages. But then, anyone would agree that there are a bunch of disadvantages too bundled along. Most of the time, phone users are forced to put up with the disadvantages.

For instance, a telemarketer’s call can be the most annoying thing n the world when you are in the midst of something important. Why just the telemarketer? Even friends can be so annoying when you are forced to talk when you do not have the time to.

It is here many think of call blocking. If you own an Apple iPhone that runs iOS 7, you have something to rejoice. For, Apple has thrown in the option of letting you block callers now.


So, if you own an iOS 7 device, let’s tell you how to go about doing that.  Most often, you encounter problems with people whose contacts are saved on your phone and also unknown callers.

To block incoming calls and texts that seem annoying, one way to go about doing that is to block someone who is already in your contacts list. You can do that by open the contact of the person you want to block on your iPhone, and then head to the bottom of the Contact Card and tap Block this Caller.

Another way is to go to settings, tap on Phone, and then hit Blocked. Proceed further by hitting Add New, and find out the contact you want to block, and select it.

To block an unknown caller, you just need to tap the phone icon on your iPhone, hit the Recents icon, tap on the circled “i” next to the unknown caller who you want to block.

Go down to the bottom and then tap Block this Caller.  That’s it, you are done.

So it’s bye, to annoying calls from now on.

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