Step into Apple iPhone-Controlled Smart Homes Soon

May 27, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Folks at Cupertino are all set to revolutionize the way you see your home. When things fall in place in a while from now, the iPhone from Apple will serve as a remote control as you go about automating your living space.

Going by a report published by the Financial Times, as early as June, that is next month, Apple will be rolling out a new software system capable of making your iPhone double up as a remote control device for home automation.

Making this happen would be Apple’s endeavor towards tackling the Internet of Things by way of putting in place a connected-home system. This venture would see the wraps go off it at the June 2 Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

iphone home

So if you are someone who has been tracking Apple’s activities, we suggest you spare time to be at San Francisco or stay tuned in to see what Apple will be revealing on the big stage.

We already know that Apple had hinted such a thing is sure to come through a patent filing in November 2013. What we could see for real would be an automated home controlled exclusively via the iPhone that works as a remote device.

That could mean your home would be equipped to even automatically switch on the lamps as you enter. Apple however would see competition raging out there on the home automation terrain, with Google, Samsung and other prominent players already having lined up awesome technology for homes.

The major rivalry would be between Apple’s new innovations and Google’s Nest products and Sammy’s Smart Home range of internet-connected appliances.

The customers who swear by Apple’s amazing manner of seeing technology would however be elated to have an iOS-controlled home to live in. The new system from the iOS terrain would work with internet-connected devices from a variety of manufacturers. And there lies the charm.

Smart home 1

To make that option possible, it is said that guys at Cupertino have already initiated parleys with a select group of device makers. The smart home products these manufacturers would create will be certified to work with Apple’s system, and will also be sold via Apple retail outlets.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Smart homes on iOS have been a dream for many. Even as many others came up with similar technology, Apple fans had been waiting to see whether Apple would give them what they wished for.

Finally, this seems to be happening. On June 2, Apple will give the world a clear answer. Stay tuned for smarter homes that deploy Apple tech, folks!

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