How Not to Waste Time Looking for Friends Posts on Facebook

May 22, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

These days, you use your smartphone more to check social media updates and click pictures. And when it comes to scrolling down your Facebook timeline, time consumption has been a major issue, right?

Okay, instead of scrolling through the entire timeline to look for updates from your friends or family, there is another way with which you can go straight to the post.

To do to keep a close watch and track the most important updates, you need to add connections to your Close Friends list. That way you will know who all are messaging you the moment they do it.

FB friends

You can go further ahead by opening the Facebook list management page and click on Close Friends. This will allow you to add many friends to your list at once.

Next, wait for the list page to show up, and then click the Manage List button. Go to the Edit list and then click on the pictures of friends to be added to the list. A pop up will help you click on the drop-down menu that says On This List.

Select Friends, and by doing that you will be able to click on the pictures of friends you want to have on the list. Hit Finish once you do that.

Go to the Manage List icon and check the boxes that list down what updates you want to receive. You can uncheck those you don’t need.

With this place, you don’t need to need to scroll through all your feeds. You get to know who has posted on your timeline and when. Easy, isn’t it?

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