Sports Drink Set for Moon Mission; But, Why?

May 20, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Soda on the Moon! We are kidding, you thought? But then, the lunar space will soon see the arrival of a soft drink from down below.

Chances are that you have never ever come across a brand that goes by the name of Pocari Sweat. In a while, you might get to see it looming over you from the Moon, of all places!

Okay, let’s snip the suspense. A Japanese company called Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which manufacturers the Pocari Sweat sports drink, has managed to book a spot on the first commercial robotic moon mission.

So when the mission blasts off, it will also carry a one kg titanium can filled with Pocari Sweat, in powder form. That will make Pocari Sweat the first ever sports drink to travel to the moon’s surface.

Pocari Sweat Can-Design

The manufacturer is now making the canister to look like a regular aluminum can and will be ready t get onboard the Lunar mission. The can however will not be the same as you normally see, but will be made of hardened metal so as to survive the hassles that might appear during the blast off, and subsequent journey to the Moon.

This Dream Capsule will carry the can filled with powdered Pocari Swaet, and the container will also sport a special Titanum key that would help open it even after so many years down the line.

The can will also have handwritten names of young children who aspire to be astronauts, and this is being done in anticipation of them stumbling upon the Pocari Sweat can in case they become astronauts later in the life and set foot on the Moon’s surface. What an idea, right?

Pocari Sweat Can-moon

So, when the Dream Capsule will blast off to the lunar surface on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in October 2015, history will be made. According to folks at, the Falcon 9 will take four and a half days to reach the moon. This would also be the time taken for a private robotic lander called Griffin from Astrobotic Technology to transport the Pocari Sweat can to the lunar surface.

When this is done, a record will be set in the commercial scene involving a product made on earth.

On second thoughts, we just wish other companies don’t emulate the Pocari Sweat stunt, as there is the threat of so much of junk likely to be piled up on the moon if they do so.

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