Cycling Gets Smarter with Gi Bike; Smartphone-Controlled and Foldable in a Jiffy

May 14, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cycling is in. The fuel guzzlers falling out of favor with the general public, and the need for an eco-friendly mode of transport have spurred the use of bikes among the people. At least on the US and European terrain, biking is fast catching up for sure.

Many a manufacturer has been keen on rolling out unique features in their bicycles, and the result has been awesome. Among the many, one of them clearly stands out, to say the least.

Meet the Gi Bike, and you would be astonished to know that a bike can have it all.  Whatever the cyclist in you need are offered by the Gi Bike in its compact, lightweight frame.


The New York-based manufacturers of this smart bike have made their new creation on two wheels so unique that the bike just helps you float through traffic in a very smart manner.

Further, the bike comes with all the features you would find in a century old bicycle, but with the smartest of updates.

GiBike2Looking further into the Gi Bike, you will know that it comes as an electric model powered by a lithium-ion battery that stays on live for 64 kilometres.

This you will be able to do even without having to pedal using electrical assist with a maximum top speed of 25 kph. Speed control in a Gi Bike is taken care of admirably well buy a smartphone app.

The bike incorporates an electric motor that would not need to be powered by pedaling. That means, USB charging is best when it comes to charging the motor. What is more enticing is the fact that the USB can be used to even charge your smart phone even as you ride.

Safety is another major concern addressed so well, with the incorporation of safety lights in the front and the rear for high visibility even in low-light conditions. These lights too are controllable via the smart phone app.

The ultra lightweight machine that weighs just 17 kilograms sports an aluminium frame. What makes us so excited about the frame is that it can be folded in a flash (watch the video posted below and you will nod in agreement).  The foldability feature offers excellent portability and storage convenience.

Though movable parts might bring in the concern of failure, these worries have been put to rest by the Gi Bike creators by developing options that would mean no fails whatsoever.

The options that have been thrown in include the capability to unlock when weight is placed on the seat,  and the provision to pedal when the battery runs out.


Currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, you can make this electric Gi Bike yours for a minimum early bird pledge of $2990, where as the normal price tag would be as much as $3390.

You will also be able to pick a manual version sans the electric option, lights and smartphone connectivity for a minimum pledge of $2590.

The delivery is expected to begin in March next year. Watch the video below and tell us if you would like to go for one of these awesome machines.

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