Smartphones with Water-Resistance Capabilities to Go Wallet-Friendly

May 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Building smartphones that boast unique properties seems to have become the need of the hour, thanks to the slew of devices that keep flooding the marketplace.

To stay in competition, phone makers need to find some niche area and that is when they resort to adding exclusive features to the devices they manufacture.

Sony has been a forerunner in this terrain. It may be recalled that the company’s Xperia Go, which was rolled out in 2012 came with the claim that it was absolutely waterproof.  Following up on the Go, Sony has rolled out a line of devices that could go down into the water and come up unscathed.

Sony -xperia-go

Handsets that went by the name of Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1S, or Xperia Z1 followed the Go, but the unfortunate part was that all these phones except for the Go, carried hefty price tags. That made the phones inaccessible to customers who wouldn’t want to part with more than $300 on a smart phone.

So after the arrival and success of the Xperia Go, the affordability option went missing.  Customers not willing to spend too much on a phone with waterproof properties seem to have made Sony think. And as a result, the company is now lining up waterproof smart phones that will be light on the wallet.

Going by what folks at DigiTimes have to say, Sony will be bringing forth to the market sub-$300 waterproof smartphones. This is expected to happen sometime next year.  The statement made by the DigiTimes website, quoting sources from component supply chains make us willing to wait, as we believe the info  is true.

Sony-waterproof smartphone

It is being said that the phone maker is scouting for partnerships among component suppliers so as to make new mid-end and low-end waterproof smart devices.

That doesn’t mean that Sony is alone in the race on the waterproof arena. On further look, you are likely to get wind of phones with similar capabilities. From what we get to hear, manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Lenovo and Motorola are in the queue to make waterproof smart phones without much delay.

If you would remember, Samsung already has a range of water-resistant devices, including the Galaxy S5. Now with more makers lining up water proof smart handsets, it looks like Sony has huge competition in the offing.

Are you among those who have played with the Xperia Go? Tell us if you would like another of the same sort and a similar price tag.

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