Airbus E-Fan Aircraft Soars to the Skies; Powered by Electricity

May 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whoever has bought tickets for a flight in an Airbus creation would nod in agreement when asked about the awesomeness it offers. Commercial aircraft made by Airbus have been the chosen ones by many operators across the world.

What if Airbus went miles ahead and decides to make a flying machine that would be powered by only electric power?  Before you say no way, let’s tell you that indeed is happening. In fact, a new electric aircraft that goes by the name E-Fan has already been made.

Small in size compared with the other creations the company had already rolled out, the E-Fan sports engines that are solely powered by electricity.


The electric driven E-Fan will thus offer more awesomeness such as low-noise and would be extremely eco-friendly.

What makes us happy is the fact that the E-Fan just took t the air on its maiden flight, thus creating a record of sorts.  All of 6.67m, the E-Fan held aloft the amazing technology that might be imbibed by many later on as it soared to heights and then landed safely.

The maiden flight witnessed the 30kW-engines aircraft propel itself to 220km/h at a cruising speed of 160km/h.


The electric power needed for flight was provided by the 120 250V Li-ion batteries stored in the wings. The e-Fan will be able to stay in flight for 45-60 minutes on an hourly recharge.

It will need US$16 per hour to power the E-Fan. So what do you think of this unique creation from the Airbus stables?

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