Extending Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life: Here’s How

May 12, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Samsung made the Galaxy S 5, the company in fact seems to have given much importance to battery life.  And, the way it performs is indeed awesome.  As you know, Android devices that are rolled out by makers these days, sport good battery saving capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t any different. What if you want it to be even more awesome? We will tell you how.

One way to go about saving battery in the S5 is to switch to Samsung’s power-saving mode. The company had incorporated this feature in all devices ever since it made the Galaxy S2.

S5 battery save


So, once to switch over to power save mode, the feature helps in blocking background app data and also  put a check on the phone’s performance. This mode further snips screen frame rate, brings down the screen brightness. It helps in altering the display to grayscale too, thereby causing less stress on the battery.

If you aren’t okay with just that, you will be delighted to know the Galaxy S5 comes with an ultra power saving mode too. That works in such a way that when the phone is on full charge , it offers more life to the battery so that it stay alive for 12.5 days.

It has been revealed that if you go to the ultra power saving mode when your phone battery is down to only 10 percent , the device can stay alive for another 24 hours. The issues with using the ultra mode are that the performance of the phone might go slower.

Yet another way of saving battery is to go to the Settings menu, click on Location, and select Power saving mode. According to folks at Cnet, doing so will make the device use Wi-Fi and your network to estimate your location, rather than the GPS option.

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