Wearable Technology Gets into Your Shirt; OMsignal Makes That Happen for $199

May 9, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearable technology has been written about a lot already, but the problem of plenty seems to be arising all of a sudden. The slew of devices that can be worn and operated are currently flooding the market.

The common sight today in the wearable tech market is that of smart watches and awesome eyewear. With more and more manufacturers lining up such devices, there are others who have decided to think different.

Device makers are slowly moving towards applying wearable technology to the fabric you wear on a day-to-day basis.  That could mean that the process of dressing you up shall soon go to technology.


One such manufacturer who has started thinking of dressing up in technology is Montreal-based startup OMsignal. Going by the rate at which the device would come unto our midst, we can easily say that the new gen boys and girls will soon have smart fabric covering them.

OMsignal has lined up with four products at the moment. They include bio-sensing smart shirts that are capable of:

  • Tracking your heart rate
  • Tracking your respiration rate
  • Tracking your respiration volume
  • Tracking  movement intensity
  • Tracking the number of calories you burn on a daily basis.

Isn’t that awesome for a shirt? The wearable technology embedded is capable of even more, we guess.  The technology which is all set to arrive has been in the works for quite a while now. From what we hear, the technology has been in beta ever since October last and is now ready after successfully undergoing tests.

At first look the technology would look like just another shirt you would pick. OMsignal will be pushing forth the technology as shirts woven with silver-based thread, which will be capable enough “to read your body’s electrical signals and detect your heartbeat”.

A detachable black box that would be embedded into the fabric would measure movement. The black box would in fact be attached to the shirt around the torso region.  Almost the size of your credit card, the black box comprises a magnetometer, gyrometer, a few accelerometers, and a Bluetooth radio to communicate all the data to your smartphone.

The company’s algorithms will provide the inbuilt app to bring to you real-time stats on a huge range of different performance metrics, we hear.  Touted as much better than the normal fitness-tracking wrist band, the OMsignal technology will track your movement, breath rate, heartbeat,  stress and also exhaustion levels.


Though tech embedded, the shirts can be washed. The wearer would look as any other normal person though what he wears is tech driven.

The OMsignal technology shirts have gone up for pre-order and you can order one for yourself now for a special pre-order price of $199. The pack includes the transferrable black box too. If you want to own a pair, you will get them for $269, and a pack of four comes for $349.

Tell us if you are cool about wearing technology on your body?

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