Lenovo N20 and N20p Chromebooks to Hit Retail by July-end

May 7, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There has been a major excitement in the market for Chromebooks ever since the first one arrived on the scene.  Many a model has already come, stayed and are still enticing the user.

As if to add more charm to the whole scenario, Lenovo has ushered in not one but two Chromebooks. Significant about the new arrivals is that they can be bought for under $400!

Similar in many respects the two devices christened Lenovo N20 and Lenovo N20p come targeting buyers who wouldn’t want to spent too much on their new devices, and also the student community.


Though they don’t look much similar, the major specifications tend to be the same. For instance, both the devices hide within themselves Intel Celeron processors, 2GB of RAM as standard and the option of upgrading to 4GB.

Further  16GB of storage is found in both. You would know almost all Chromebooks sport this feature. It isn’t different in the current case too.

Bothe the Lenovo N20 and Lenovo N20p boast battery life of up to eight hours and come with a portable design. The dimensions are such that they are 0.7 inches thick and weigh below 3 pounds.

The full-size keyboard and wide touchpad make the two Chromebooks ultimately portable. That’s about the similarities.


The look factor is different and they have a couple of differences so as you don’t mistake one for the other. The N20p comes with the touch screen feature and rests on a 300-degree hinge.  The 300-degree hinge makes the N20p fold whichever way you want it to, thus making watching videos and sharing presentations easier and comfortable.

When we say you can fold it whichever way you want it to, don’t think it can give you a tablet mode of display ease.  But then, for a laptop, this foldability comes as awesome. Meanwhile, the N20 is non-touch and comes sporting a standard clamshell design, on a regular hinge.


The OS can be your choice of either Google Chrome or Windows 8.1 for the N20 and the N20p. Looking deeper into it, we guess the Celeron processor could be just right for Chrome  as there are chances of the system slowing down when loaded with Windows.

As we mentioned, the Chromebooks can be yours for less than $400. If you want us to be more precise, pricing starts at $279 for the non-touch N20 laptop, and $329 for the N20p with touch and the 300-degree hinge. The duo is likely to arrive in retail outlets by late July.

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