Have a Collection of Old Photos?  Here’s How to Scan and Archive Them

May 7, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even before your digital cameras and smartphones made their debut, you have clicked memorable pictures and somehow stacked them in some corner of your closet.  That doesn’t mean their charm just waned as the new age devices came in.

There are many among you who want to pick up those pictures and digitize them forever. If you are one among them you may try these simple steps.

Try and get your photos arranged in order of date or occasion. Get the help of a scanner to scan the pictures. But make sure the photos are wiped clean and devoid of any specks as a sensitive scanner might pick up those spots too in the final image.

scan pix

You can also make use of your smartphone to scan the photos. Armed with a free app and a high quality cellphone, you can scan pictures and upload them or share them online.

If you are thinking what kind a free app would serve the purpose, you may download and install Shoebox from Ancestory.com, a free app for iPhone and Android.

Once the app is ready, dust off your pictures to make them clear and then clean your phone’s camera lens.

Go to the scan option on your phone and launch Shoebox. Press on the green camera button, and hold the phone over the picture to be scanned. Focus and hit the shutter button.

Use the editing options to crop the pictures scanned and then organise them as you want. All the pictures you scan in succession will be saved to the camera roll, which you can share.

There are many other ways too. If you have found out a new way, tell us.

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