Tesco Hudl Tablet to Get a Successor in Smartphone Form; to be Called Hudl 2

May 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those of you in the UK would know what Hudl is. If you are among those who don’t, let’s tell you Hudl is a tablet device that was made and pushed out into the marketplace by  UK supermarket chain Tesco last year.

The Hudl in fact garnered an awesome number customers making Tesco’s Android powered slate a winner. The 7  inch tablet  had sported the look and feel of any other Android tablet of its time and was distinctly notable for the Tesco services it offered. Just a tap on the device had then made you go to online shopping and the Blinkbox on-demand film services .

The latest is that Hudl is getting a successor. And this time around, the device would take the form of a smartphone and not a tablet. A BBC report has stated that phone will run “Google’s Android software, and the specification will be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5”.


As expected , the device will be pre-installed with Tesco services. The success of the Hudl tablet, which actually sold over half a million units, seems to have spurred Teso to go for an updated rig in the form of a smartphone.

To be called Hudl 2, the device is expected to come to stores by September this year.   Though the Hudl tablet had targeted budget customers by sporting a price tag of £119, the successor is not to be so.

Moving away from low end specs of the Hudl slate, the Hudl 2 smartphone would come as a high end device with top of the line features and specifications. That would also mean the price tag is going to be on the higher side.

Folks at Pocket-Lint had last year posted a review of the Hudl tablet. We heave it here for you so that you would know what to expect in the Hudl 2 smartphone when it arrives in your midst.

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