Looks that Kill: Smartphones Charm Customers with Design Perfection

May 5, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The smartphone market is an overcrowded place. No two opinions on that, right? Each passing day, we get to see a whole bunch of new devices arriving at our doorstep, and each one sports unique features that every future phone would want to emulate.

Top-of-the-line phones with cutting edge technologies are the order of the day. The design element is one major factor in the success of these phones. Beauty rules, and it is here that the makers score all the brownie points.

Talking of design, many a phone manufacturer these days tend to give utmost importance to this feature.  A beautiful phone grabs more eyeballs. There are many devices that tout the exterior prettiness as one of their USPs, among the technology in the innards.


For instance, the phones that sport killer looks are many. Take a look at the Apple iPhone 5S, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Sony Xperia Z2. You will then know why we say this.

Killer looks seem t be the prime factor in all these devices. For instance, the all metal exterior of the HTC One M8 makes it a charmer.  The HTC One M8 adds much beauty compared to the predecessor  and has taken looks to the next level. The metal case in fact did away with all the polycarbonate sidewalls  and made it even better. In the process it added the sturdiness quotient to the rig too.

Meanwhile, the metal-bodied Samsung Galaxy S5 too has also grabbed much attention with its unique looks. The plastic materials were dumped and the current design theme has evinced much interest among consumers. Durability is in with this design and the sleekness is an add-on.

The pleasing feel, better grip and sleekness have made the new S5 a phone to lay your hands on, of course along with the other features it offers.


Sony also hasn’t stuck with plastic exterior while making the Xperia Z2. Made of a single piece of aluminium, the Z2 frame is accompanied by front and back panels made of toughened glass. One look at it will give you the feel that this one is slimmer and more comfortable to hold. Waterproof exterior is another addition.

The folks at Cupertino has also added much design keenness into the making of the iPhone 5 and 5S. The design factors include a 4 inch display and is made thinner and lighter.

So now tell us if design doesn’t influence your phone shopping behavior.

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