Finding Where You Parked Your Car isn’t Tough; Try This Out

May 5, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There have been instances when you completely forgot where you parked your car.

And your quest to find your vehicle in a crowd has been a tough affair. No worries, though!  Google has  a solution for you in this regard. By putting to use Google Now’s Parking Locator Card you will be able to zero in on your car at the place where you parked but forgot where.

So how do you go about using the Google Parking Locator Card? If you are a regular driver who has informed Google that you do take your vehicle out for a spin on a regular basis, you can use this one with no hassle whatsoever.


All you need to have in mind is that to use the parking location feature, your Google Search App should be at least version 3.4. Further, you need to let Google know that you are driving by just clicking on the Google Search App and then selecting driving on the ‘Customize’ option. Once you do this, your card will tell you your approximate location after you park your car.

Just tap on that and a map shows up. The app doesn’t come across a fully perfect, considering that it does not manage to show the exact spot where your car is parked.

And, further, it also doesn’t give you full control over it too. But then, if it gives you the area where your car is parked so that you needn’t run around looking for it. What more do you want, folks?

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