Cleaning Clutter from Your Android Device is Easier than You Thought

May 1, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Your Android handset has been going a tad slow these days. And, hat is when you start to wonder what’s wrong. The issue lies in the innards of your phone.

The good thing about it s that you can very well go to the inner sanctorum of your phone and sweep away all those clutter. It is a fact that you never thought that so much junk would accumulate in the form of all those data, images and videos you had stored in your phone once up on a time. Anyways, you realize you don’t need them anymore and it is now that you would want a cleanup.

By deleting all clutter, you will save up more space and also let your device work faster. Let us share with you a few tips on how to regain your internal and SD card storage.


You would be surprised when you know that your Android smart phone hides within itself much info that you never even need once. All these junk might have settled in your folders from your mails or browsers.

You need to pick what you need and relocate them to Google Drive or Dropbx and do away with those you don’t need. In order to find and delete all such junk from your storage space, you can seek the help of a file manager app. If your Android device is one among the Samsung Galaxy phones, you would know it already has a built-in file manager app, which can come in handy.

You may also make use ES File Explorer app to integrate with cloud solutions. It can also help you relocate files directly to your Windows desktop or the cloud.

Another way of removing files you need from your phone would be to just connect your USB cable and move photos to your computer.

We have also come across an app called 1Tap Cleaner that offers a widget to clear all cached files. Another one that could help is the Clean Master which aids in deleting cached files, along with miscellaneous files that are larger than 10 MB.

Which one of these do you want to try out?

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