Transfering Files between Your LG G2 and Computer: This is How You Do it

April 30, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You own an LG G2 and are happy about it. But there have been times when you would have wanted to connect your smart device to a PC, but somehow you have not been able to do that as easily as you thought.

For those of you who have faced such a hurdle, we have a few steps  to tell you so that you would find things easy when you go about doing the task. The worry of wiping out any data or other important files shall be put to rest if you try this out.

First you need to install the LG USB Drivers at the start. It is a known fact that newer operating systems support LG smartphones. However, if you find that your computer doesn’t recognize the phone, you need to install those drivers manually.


Now you need to use the USB Cable and connect your LG G2 with your computer. Proceed further by opening the LG G2 Notification bar and then tap the USB Connection type section.

After doing that, tap the Media Sync MTP option. Then you need to go to your computer and open Windows Explorer. There you would find the removable driver that has been assigned to your LG G2 device.

Create a folder on your PC and browse your phone for the files that you need to move. And, you are done.

Once the transfer of files are over, click Safely Stop / Remove the USB Phone option in Windows and then move over to the LG G2 Notifications bar. Click on USB Connected, Charge Phone and disconnect it from your PC.

Did you find it easy? If you have comments, do let us know.

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