The Art of Smiling Even on a Bad Day Gets a Boost with Wearable Eyes

April 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many jobs that require a smiling face from employees. And, that is something like asking for too much.

For, not everyone’s mood stays the same every passing day, and the smiles might make way for the frowns on bad days.

But then, employees who are required to stay pleasant and smiling all through their working hours need to adhere to their employers’ specifications. It is here a new invention assumes significance.


Call it cyborg technology, where the development of a new wearable device plays its role  banking on a feature called emotional labor. Developed by  Dr. Hirotaka Osawa from Japan’s Tsukuba University, the new device sports virtual eyes which follow people and movement oh so naturally so that you always make people around you believe that  you always stay friendly and approachable even when you are actually tired or even bored.

The inventions stems from the need to help people up the emotional comfort of those around them. Developed in the form of a pair of glasses that has eyeballs on their lenses, this device christened AgencyGlass  has taken shape from Dr Osawa’s quest to extend “people’s social skills and to decrease our emotional labor.” He has reiterated this in a video he has made to explain things about the AgencyGlass.

Politeness is the catchword on which the device has AgencyGlass has been built.  So you get to see the wearer with a sparkling mood of politeness and joy always.  A handful of animated features, such as blinking eyeballs when you nod,  thoughtful eyes when you turn your head back, and so on makes the device so endearing.

All these functions are thanks to a microcomputer that comprises a Bluetooth, a microphone, gyrometer, accelerometer, a battery, and OLED displays.

These apart, the device also has an external camera that can be worn even in the pocket of your shirt while you are at work . This camera in fact scans people who walk by you so that the eyes on the device’s display can respond according t the situation.


When the device is worn, the user’s actual eyes get hidden with dark lenses, but don’t worry that it would obstruct vision – it won’t. That means your reading, typing and other such activities can go unhindered.

The question remains as to why use such glasses when you can sport a smile all by yourself at work even on a bad day.  What do you feel about that?

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