Fit as a Fitness Aid; Try Out the Samsung Gear Fit, Folks

April 16, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All you Samsung fans might have already jumped at the new Galaxy 5 that came unto you a while ago. With the wearable market now at dizzying heights, Sammy did not want to let go of an opportunity and had unveiled three wearable tech rigs along with the Galaxy S5.

The three Samsung Gear devices, in fact, sport amazing capabilities. If you have tried out the earlier Gear, let us tell you the new range comprises two smart watches, and a fitness machine. What we like about the trio is the pleasing design that Sammy has showered to them.

In case you want us to zero in on one of them, we would definitely go following the Gear Fit, the fitness rig that the company offers. To keep it short, we would love to term this one as a fitness freak’s tech aid he would love to live with.


As we mentioned, the design is awesome, to say the least. The pretty lad sports a curved Super AMOLED display of 1.85 inches. The color displays that flash on your face is something we all would have wanted on our fitness tech machines for long.

The touch, though not great to write home about, is good enough to gain some brownie points. Considering this a first effort, you need to give it some good marks.  If you have played with similar genre products such as prodFitbit Force and Nike+ Fuelband SE, chances are that you would dump them all for this one.

Once you have it for yourself, you can wear it on your writs and touch the top button to turn it on (or switch it off).  The device stays alive mainly due to wrist movement, but runs back to sleep mode when there isn’t any activity. In case you find that feature annoying, you may very well go to settings and turn the auto wake up option off.


The Gear Fit is customizable, and you will be able to get the most of it if you can add the S Health App in the software update. If you are wondering what the S Health App is all about, this software adds extra life to the whole gear.

The Gear Fit from Samsung Main stands out in a crowd thanks to the variety of features that the company has thrown in. They include changeable straps, customizable themes, connected notification, simple interaction and personalized fitness motivator. And you wouldn’t find it annoying to wear it always if you want.

On sale at the moment for a cool $199, we guess this rig could be one good buy folks.  Check out the video too, if you would want some more on that.

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