Factory Reset on HTC One X: Things You Need to Do

April 16, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Imagine a situation where in you are forced to go back to factory reset mode on your HTC One X. It isn’t a great deal doing that.

Going by what folks at android.gs write, it is indeed easy to go about doing that. All you would want to adhere to are a few points that would take you through the task. There is one catch though. You stand the chance of losing all data stored in your HTC device once you go in for a factory reset.

So caution needs to be applied before you finally decide on doing a factory reset on your HTC One X. We say this because usually factory reset is one last resort when the device throws up various errors that are unchangeable.


All Google Accounts info stored in your device will be wiped off and they include personal data, downloaded and installed applications, system settings, applications settings, and such. That means you will have to seek support from Helium for Android to get a back up ready before you go for the reset.

Going for a factory rest via the Settings menu would need you to click on Settings, go to the Backup and Reset section and then select the ‘Reset Phone’ option. To delete all data from internal storage,  select ‘Erase all data’. Going further,  you need to press OK  so that wait your phone will complete the process in a while.

Considering that you are unable to access Settings you can try out the Recovery Mode to do your factory reset task.  For this, you need to disable the Fast Boot option from Settings > Power menu. Power off your phone and then press and hold Volume Down.

Press again and hold Power for a while and then release Power so that the Bootloader options appear. On doing this, you can select the ‘Factory Reset’ option by pressing Volume Down one. The next step would be to press Power so that the Factory Reset process of your HTC One X gets started.

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