Show Me The Money: California Considering Legalizing Online Poker

March 15, 2014, By Alex Ion

While it might be hard for some among us to believe, the internet has been already around for 25 and years and having recently celebrated the milestone, one can only marvel at the revolutionary pace at which it has evolved. Handheld devices have taken the ease of surfing the net to a whole new level.

Today, we can pretty much get everything and anything done from the comfort of our couch. So, why should one not indulge in a serious game or two of poker from pretty much anywhere, any time? This is precisely what state legislators of California are batting for as they try to pass the much talked about online gambling bill in the year of 2014.

online poker game

In whose interest?

With tribal interests that previously opposed the move now ready to lend support, California could well join the lineup of states such as New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware that already offer online poker and other gambling services.

There is absolutely no doubt that the interest in online poker has peaked in the last few years and a popular iOS poker app like WSOP has garnered plenty of support in the state of New Jersey. With such apps allowing anyone who is physically in the state of New Jersey to be a part of the game it makes little sense for other US states to hold back on taking that lucrative plunge into legal online gambling.

Legislators close to the bill believe that if California can get the ball rolling this year, Oregon would also soon legalize web poker as neighboring states could come together in an attempt to increase web poker traffic and better services to the players. Those already hooked on many of these games on their iPhones and iPads vouch for the safe and secure gaming experience they offer.

It is now upon the nation’s top tribal casino industry to work out the little chinks in the two proposed bills before online gambling gets the green light in the Golden State.

Do you think the bill should pass?

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