The Ultimate Toy: Polaris ATV With Bullet-Proof Airless Tires!

March 12, 2014, By Alex Ion

For most of us, vehicles are all about the everyday commute. We are happy as long as our bikes and cars get us from home to office and then back home safely. And the possibility of having our tires take a bullet or two is obviously not on top of that check list. But companies like Michelin and Polaris are putting more thought and effort behind such highly resistant tire designs that allow all terrain vehicles (ATVs) to tackle pretty much any topography that they come across.

The latest ATV unveiled by Polaris is one such daredevil that comes with airless TerrainArmor tires can take a hit from a .50-caliber round and still keep going without a hassle!

Polaris ATV With Bullet-Proof Airless Tires

This latest ATV is one among the long lineup of some astounding off-road vehicles that Polaris has launched in recent times. Designed to serve military needs and missions, the WV850 ATV with bullet-proof tires comes with an incredible 1,500-pound towing capacity and 3,500-pound winch, making it an absolute dream when it comes to providing emergency services in disaster hit areas.

Unlike the Polaris Sportsman Series that we stumbled across at, the WV850 can serve as both a fun and agricultural vehicle even while tackling far more serious tasks with ease.


The amazing tires for Polaris for this vehicle were designed by Wisconsin-based startup Resilient Technologies and promise to even overcome some serious obstacles like railroad spikes, which would leave most other SUVs severely damaged. The durable honeycomb core of the tires has been in the research phase for a while and it is good to see them finally hit the dirt tracks.

Priced at $14,999, the WV850 is bound to find a home among the serious adventurists who take their ATV experience very seriously and among rescue workers who often need to overcome staggering odds. So, are you ready to push the envelope with the new Polaris WV850?

Polaris ATV With Bullet-Proof Airless Tires - gadget

Polaris’ TerrainArmor Tire Detail

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