Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates tops Forbes annual billionaire list!

March 5, 2014, By M Sohini

The annual billionaire list for Forbes has more interesting things to note this year than ever. The most important news being Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates regaining his position as the world’s richest man after a span of four years, which is worthy of being mentioned after the recent years trouble for Microsoft.

He snatched the title from Carlos Slim Helu, the famed telecom tycoon from Mexico, with his fortune of $78 billion.

The list also has some interesting names, including Amancio Ortega, clothing retailer best known for Zara, holding the third spot for yet another year. Warren Buffett follows the retailing tycoon for the fourth spot yet again.

Let’s mention it here that a net worth of staggering $31 billion was needed by the toppers to enter the club for top 20, which is again $7 million higher as compared to last year.

Worth mentioning on this list is Mark Zuckerberg, who fortunes increased leaps and bounds, thanks to the Facebook shares and other tech developments.

Bill Gates

Currently, he has a staggering $28.5 billion to his name against $15.2 billion last year. It’s a happy list for Facebook as Sheryl Sandberg, COO of the social media site, and vice president Jeff Rothschild has also made it to the toppers.

Among the  Silicon Valley’s wealthiest is Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who are the founders of the messaging service WhatsApp.

Crediting to the technological developments and other related factors, US has the most number of 492 billionaires, followed by 152 billionaires of China. Russia holds the third spot with 111 billionaires.

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