Android Tops tablet market at 68%, Apple leading Samsung!

March 4, 2014, By M Sohini

Since the time Apple started the tablet segment, it’s the first instance when Android toppled to become the numero uno tablet operating system with a market share of 68% in 2013, according to a report by research firm Gartner, Inc.

Apple leading Samsung!

Apple leading Samsung!

While the research does put light on the growing number of tablet users, it also highlights how Android-based tablets in the lower and higher range have found customers equally.

Even the lowest range of Android tablets has adequate specifications to meet the basic needs of customers, which has pushed the sales to a huge extent.

However, the research firm also mentioned that the tablet market for Android has become ‘highly commoditized’, and therefore, vendors will need to focus on meaningful technology and device experience for bettering brand loyalty and add to the margins.

As per the current report, iOS dropped by a total of 16.8 percentage, mainly because buyers looked to opt for lower costing tablets in the market.

While Apple still holds its position in the higher market end, it would need to work on emerging markets where iPad mini has a better share.

In contrast, Microsoft’s tablets have increased in sales numbers, but the research suggests that the company needs to focus on creating ‘compelling ecosystem proposition’.

In terms of sales and vendor perspective, Apple retained its position with 36% market share, much due to the strong fourth quarter sales.

Samsung is trailing behind at 19%, but the 336 percent growth for the company can be just the silver line. Lenovo currently holds 3% market share but the growth rate in 2013 has been phenomenal.



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