Moto X to hit the Indian market in a few weeks

February 28, 2014, By M Sohini

After recently launching Moto G smartphone in the Indian market, Motorola is all set to introduce Moto X in the country. Awaited for a few weeks more, the coming of Moto X was confirmed by the company.

“In next few weeks Moto X will launch in India and Australia,” tweeted the company.

Insiders expect that Moto X may make its anticipated debut sans the Moto Maker online tool. Moto Maker is exclusive to US now and allows the users to customize their Moto X.

The company also tweeted that Moto X will be launched in Mexico and Western Europe later this year, quite clarifying that Indian users may miss the customization tool. Moto Maker is unique because users can choose between 19 back cover options, two front panel options, camera rim and the hue of keys.

moto x

Moto X comes with a dual-core processor and 2GB RAM, along with features like 4.7-inch HD screen and 10MP camera. The unique feature of the phone is the voice assistant that takes commands from users when they are not handling the phone.

The camera is capable of clicking pictures with just two wrist jerks, using the Quick Capture feature, and is great for low light images. Among the other features, Moto X has preloaded Migrate app for easy data transfer from any phone powered by Android 4.2.

Just like Moto G that was launched by Motorola only on online portal Flipkart, the same is expected for Moto X. The launch comes much late in India as in US, a new version is expected to hit the market in summers.

Watch Demo video:

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