Google Glass Looks Set to Be a Cop’s Tool

February 10, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Glass is one wearable device that has made the world go gaga about it. There has been much talk and debates on the rig, and we also saw many a manufacturer going ahead making a variety of wearable devices later on.

The advent of Google Glass has also spurred many uses for the device. The wearable device is capable of doing everything from maps, voice search, video calls to email, Google Now, Calendar and more.  As we have already told you, the Glass comes with 16 GB of flash memory, which can be used to store video and photos.

Google had also revealed that customers will have control over the information they share with Google. And while taking pictures and recording a video the Glass’s screen will be illuminated.


In August 2013, we had also brought to you info on how Mutualink, a Connecticut-based company was to demonstrate how the real-time two-way video and audio from Google Glass can be used in public safety communication for law enforcement and emergency personnel.

The latest is that the NYPD has started to experiment on the capabilities of the Glass in “patrol purposes” . What we hear is that the NYPD currently has only a few pairs of the device , but the department  wants to use the Glass to just walk into a room  in the midst of an investigation and pull up stuff like warrants about anyone in their field of view.

Though Google is said to be not associated with law enforcement,  the NYPD has acquired the device  and would want to use it in their probes.

What surprises us is that this plan comes even as Google Glass terms of service strictly prohibit facial recognition software. May be NYPD will make their own software in this regard.

We need to wait to know how big an opposition will civil liberty groups now line up.

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