Your Body Odor Could be Your ID Soon

February 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In the near future, you would be identified by your body odor! Shocked? In a scientific experiment that could bring about a scenario where fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition could be passé, a new form of biometric identification might soon be developed.

That means scientists are developing your ID based on your body odor. Scientists at Spain’s Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have reportedly stated that peoples’ scent has the potential to stay without any change even over time so that an ID accuracy rate of approximately 85 percent can be achieved.

That forms the basis of the development, we need to believe. The experiments must have stemmed from the fact that there are many people who are reluctant to place their finger or eye up on a scanner.  But with odor-reading sensors, such hassles can be shunned.


The body odor biometric ID development is currently on. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is actually collaborating with technology company Ilía Sistemas to reach its unique goal.

There are, however, concerns about the accuracy levels body odor IDs can achieve. But then, tests are now proving that the margin of error can be reduced to about 15 percent.

May be scientists will make it fool proof later on. Let’s wait to hear more on this experiment .

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