Solar Powered Apple iWatch in the Offing

February 5, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphones that work with solar batteries have been a dream. The dream continues to stay so.

As if bringing in some relief in that terrain, Apple might arm its upcoming iWatch with solar powered batteries sometime later.

It is being said that the Cupertino company is already in the works with such plans. The new technologies being explored by the company might usher in solar charging capabilities to its wearable device.

So, that means we would soon get to wear a smartwatch from Apple that would have its screen lined with a solar charging layer. When the device is out in the sun, its battery would get charged on the go.


You need not expect that to happen in a jiffy, as the technology would take some time to evolve.

Talking of chargers, Apple is also said to be developing wireless chargers for its next gen wearable device.  Expected to deploy wireless magnetic induction, these charging technologies could turn a reality without much delay.

Apple might also look at utilizing movement to charge its iWatch. All you would need to do is to just swing your arm and that would ignite a tiny charging station capable of generating power for the rig.

For those who are adamant about having a solar powered iPhone, it looks like Apple is thinking on those lines too. However, not much has been revealed on that front. We will have to wait.

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