EU Cops Would be Able to Remote Stop Your Speeding Car Soon

February 3, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The day has come when you would find your speeding car stopping all of a sudden, even without you deciding to slam the brakes. Such a situation is definitely round the bend, at least in Europe   

Going by a latest decision by the European Union, a device will soon find its way into your cars whereby a traffic cop can click a button to bring it to a halt.

The European Union’s new plan to allow the police to remotely stop any vehicle would be implemented with the development of a remote stopping device that will be fitted to all cars in Europe.


If the police find something unusual about the way you drive, all they would do is shut the engine off from a control room. The device inside your car will do the job for the cops.

By the end of the current decade, the scenario will fall into place, it is being said. Once the police decides to stop you and goes for it, the remote stopping device would shut off the engine of the vehicle and also cut the fuel supply and ignition.

That would also mean that the car wouldn’t start even if you try desperately.

The development f the device would put an end to crazy car chases and thus usher in a safety road scenario.

The question that arises is what would happen if the device is hacked by some crazy geek with a criminal mind! Let’s be hopeful that the brains behind this unique device would consider such eventualities too before making all cars wear the new prop.

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