DeepFlight Super Falcon Lets You Fly Under Water for $1.7 Million

January 31, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This one of a kind submarine lets you fly and soar underwater by following the principles of flights.

If you are the kind who spent a bulk load for the adrenaline rush you get out of adventures, this is your catch!

California-based technology company named Hawkes Ocean Technologies has developed the DeepFlight Super Falcon, a two-seater, winged submarine that can take you for an awesome ride.

The submarines are designed to dive, swim along with marine animals, navigate through underwater canyons and much more, says the San Francisco Chronicle.

DeepFlight Super Falcon2

Graham Hawkes, the founder of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, says what they have made is akin to an airplane with wings upside down. It is like flying in the air, but you are actually flying underwater, he has been quoted as saying.

The 21-feet-long submarine has a wingspan of 9 feet (2.7 m) and can carry two-to-three passengers.  It can dive into a depth of about 394 feet.

Normally submarines are constructed with two shells; an inner one and an outer one. In order to dive, the submarines fill the space between the shells with water, which in turn creates negative buoyancy.

Meanwhile, when the submarines remain on the water’s surface, the area   between the shells is filled with air, enabling it to float.

With the Super Falcon, you can dive underwater like a whale, thanks to the thrust it generates from the vehicle descend below the water’s surface.

Thus the Super Falcon is positively buoyant, which means it can remain floating unless an foreign pressure is exerted on it. In case of emergencies, the vehicle just loses its power underwater and can float back to the surface.

DeepFlight Super Falcon1

Karen Hawkes, wife of Hawkes and Vice President at the Hawkes Ocean Technologies, has been quoted as saying that it looks like a James Bond wild machine, but is positively buoyant making it extremely safe.

Right now, the Super Falcon retails for $1.7 million, which comes with a site pilot and operations’ training. So that also means these vehicles are aimed at the super-rich. You would agree to that when you are told that the clients include names like Sir Richard Branson and Steve Fossett.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies came into being in 1996, when it started designing submersibles for the military and scientific communities. By the mid 1990s, the company diversified into the luxury market with the winged submersibles.

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