Omate TrueSmart Adds to Wearables Terrain; Set to Ship

January 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearables seem to be flooding the market.  We have already discussed many a device that fall under this category, and they all have taken wearable computing to dizzier heights.

What is significant is that the New Year looks like ready to welcome more on to the terrain. From Google Glass to Pebble devices to Samsung Gear, and more, the technology is set to get into people’s lives in a big way.

Adding to the list is a new device from the stables of Omate. The company’s new TrueSmart smart watch is more Android than anything and promises to be part of your daily lives in the days ahead.


The Omate TrueSmart smart watch comes with properties that will let you do anything you wish to do with such a gadget. You will be able to strap it to your wrist, pair it with your phone and more.

The device will also enable you to go through all the notifications that land on your phone, even as the handset stays cool and snuggled in your pocket.  The TrueSmart will also let you make calls and run apps too.

What more are you looking for in a smart device that you can wear?

The latest we hear is that the device is getting ready for shipping. The True Smart has passed through the FCC corridors and has emerged out of it with a nod from the Commission. So, that would mean that the device will soon get to rest on your wrist.

Omate had some time ago brought the TrueSmart smart watch on to the Kickstarter platform in a bid to raise funds and know all about how successful it could be.


The result was the mop up of more than a million dollars by way of the campaign. This had happened last year and the device was expected to be ready for launch many a time. But then, after being postponed a few times, TrueSmart is set to come to the hands of those had evinced interest and supported it when the Kickstarter campaign was on.

If you are looking for the specs, the smart watch comes with a 1.5 inch, 240 x 240 pixel screen and hides under the hood  a 1.3 GHz MediaTek dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor.

The device boasts  up to 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. A microSD card slot is also thrown in. In the imaging department, the smart watch comes with a 3MP camera.

The power juice flows in by way of a 600mAh battery.  Connectivity options include access to Bluetooth 4.0 and it would also work with GSM. The pricing for the watch could be somewhere around $249, though the device’s supporters on Kickstarter can get theirs for $179 apiece.

Are you one among them?

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