Honda Automatic Braking System Coming Up; Helps Prevent Hitting People on Your Way

January 25, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wouldn’t you love your car more if it acts all by itself to prevent you from getting into a mishap? Anyone would.

Japanese automotive giant Honda knows that very well too. The car maker has now developed an automatic braking system which would sense pedestrians on the way and enable your car to slow down or slam the brakes.

The new braking system is expected to go a long way as the technology could prevent many untoward incidents on the street. The company has also said that the automatic braking system can work up to a speed of 60kph (37mph).


Expected to arrive in cars made by Honda this year itself, the first vehicle that would sport the technology could be the Japanese Legend luxury sedan. Post this unveiling, the technology might be adopted worldwide.

Designed to detect pedestrians on the way of the car’s movement, the technology isn’t new per se. It has been reported that car makers like  Volvo had demoed this earlier . But the shortcoming with the Volvo mechanism was that the system could detect only people with a height of 80cm and above.

We need to expect that be Honda has done away with such limitations in ist technology. It is not clear if the Honda tech has similar limitations.

In case you are looking deeper into this technology, you would realize that the system works by integrating signals received through millimeter wave radar sensors and cameras.

Let’s wait for the technology to arrive in our cars.

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