Apple Preps Two iPhone Models; Metal Phones to Sport 4.5-inch and 5-inch Screen

January 24, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s up next from Cupertino? Everyone knows Apple has a new iPhone coming up, and it seems like everyone out there does actually wait impatiently to see and play with the new arrival even as new rumors fly thick and fast.

From what we understand at the moment, it isn’t just one, but two iPhone models that are getting ready for launch. And, whats even significant is the fact that the new pair of iPhones will come with larger displays too.

While one of them will sport a 4.5 inch display, the other one will have over 5 inches of screen real estate.


It is being said that the two iPhone models getting ready at Apple’s labs would have their bodies made of metal. However, contrary to speculations, these phones will not spot a curved form factor.

We hear the smaller of the two is far ahead in development and is ready to go into mass production at the moment. Meanwhile, the larger device is still going through preliminary development stage and might take a while before it hits production.

That could also mean that more changes could be possible on that one as the development goes forward.

It is also being hinted that Apple might look at staying with metal bodies, and shun plastic casings in its way forward. So iPhones you buy from now on would be wrapped in metal. It may be recalled that the plastic casing was brought back after a lull when the iPhone 5C had been unveiled.

Now that the decision to shun plastic seems to be coming through, we needn’t expect anymore plastic wrapped phone devices coming up from the company.


With the new two devices getting ready at Apple, it is expected that the next big launch is going to be a gala affair. That apart, they two iPhone models could give Android devices a run for their money too.

Aren’t you also among those many who would want to give these phones a try when they finally arrive in your midst? Tell us what all do you expect from the new offerings.

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