CES 2014 Sparked Added Amounts of Gamer Excitement

January 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The CES this year stood out for the astounding gadgets the event put up on show. From televisions that came curved, to cars sans drivers, and much more, the international Consumer Electronics Show brought to the podium all that a consumer would ask for.

And, for the gamer, this edition of the show was spectacular.  The showcase was full with many a video game-related rig, and it looks like the year ahead would bring forth some awesome products to our midst.

On show were cloud based PlayStation titles, spruced up gaming machines virtual reality headsets,, wireless controllers for mobile devices and more.  Among the whole bunch some of them have generated added interest too.


For instance the Oculus Rift virtual reality head mounted display is one device the CES 2014 audience got charmed about. Wearing this one takes you into the game you play, complete with surround graphics and smart head tracking features.

What Oculus demoed at the venue was the Crystal Cove prototype that comes with better 1080p 3D visuals along with reduced motion-blur. The other features include advanced sensors that simulate a 360-degree view, including support for leaning. This one would be available by the end of the year, most probably.

Another innovation that charmed CES 2014 is Valve’s on-demand Steam service for computer gamers.  The company has brought forth many a partner to run the open-source SteamOS and enable access to the Steam store.

If you would want to know who the partners are, they include Alienware, Origin PC and Falcon Northwest, and many more.  Apart from the streaming option, Valve also showcased its own box and controller design at the venue.

Another device that made its presence felt was SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth controller for the Apple iOS Lightning Connector platform. If you happen to be an Apple device gamer, you would like this one.

This one will be made available in a couple of days in black and white hues for $99.99. Complete with pressure-sensitive face buttons, analog stocks, a d-pad and shoulder buttons, this device also boasts battery life of 10 hours.


The SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth controller allows up to four people to play on the same iOS device at once.

That was not all. The CES 2014 also saw Sony’s PlayStation Now service announcing that you will be able to rent or buy PlayStation 3 games stored in “the cloud”.

Also, Razer debuted its Project Christine modular computer concept that lest you build and customize your own PC. The concept would allow you to own a high-end solution if you happen to be a diehard gamer.

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