Apple iPhone Sales Numbers for the Holiday Quarter Set to Amaze

January 21, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Apple reveals its latest numbers during the month-end, chances are that we would most probably be in for a surprise.

We say this because a recent report had revealed that during the last quarter of 2013, the Cupertino based technology major had sold a huge 60 million iPhones. The number is of course massive.

So when Apple’s board comes out with the latest financial results on January 27th , we would get to see the number of iPhone devices that the company handed over to customers during the 2013 holiday quarter.


The actual figures are yet under wraps, but then going by unconfirmed statistics, the numbers that will hit headline space are going to be huge.

We will also get to know how many iPads and Macs the company has sold during the period.  With the expected revelation to hold forth the big numbers, it is more than clear that Apple’s revenues also might have jumped big time.

Compared to what was recorded last year, the latest numbers are sure to maze tech terrain in a huge way.

The Asian nation of China may be seen as contributing much to Apple’s revenues this time around, as the company had launched the iPhone on China’s biggest mobile carrier, China Mobile. This move is sure to add to the numbers that Apple will proudly flaunt on January 27th . Stay tuned.

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