Wearables are Here to Stay; Innovations Galore on that Front

January 20, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been fed with truck loads of information on the latest arrival in the tech terrain. Wearable gadgets are seemingly taking the scenario by storm, and there have been many a device that treads the innovative line of wearable computing of late.

From Google Glass to what not, innovations these days are being discussed threadbare on tech news space, and that itself heralds the popularity these gadgets would garner when they flood the scene.

Functionality is one significant trait everyone applauds in these devices, thereby pushing by the way side the fears of impracticality they had posed.


There are signs that 2014 could be the year of wearable technology. That prompts us to take a closer look at the wearables’ scene and what they tend to offer.

First and foremost, we guess wearables of the likes of activity monitors, heart-rate monitors, and pedometers would be built inside or will take the form of wristbands, watches, clothing, and other accessories. It has been found that apps and services for personal health and fitness stand to generate up to $5 billion by 2016. Now, that’s huge.

Apart from the geeky lay man, the devices of that nature would evince lots of interest among healthcare systems and businesses.


Another trend that could be seen coming our way is that wearable technology might not stay just with glasses and wristbands.

That means you would soon find them in sensors and wires embedded in clothing, jewelry, headphones, and shoes.

Wearable technology might also tread the fashion route to stay in vogue. We have already got alerted by necklaces and other jewelry that are capable of flash or emitting sound to let the wearer know that they have got mail or messages.


Innovators would take the fashion quotient a bit further by putting in more effort to make the wearable trendy.

What could be even more significant about the scenario is that, wearable technology will move much ahead of just simply tracking basic data. Wearable will put to play various coming together of hardware, software, and networking too , and thus integrate the tech into people’s daily lives.

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