Nokia Phone, Said to be Android Powered Normandy, Leaks

January 16, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia has been prepping a new Android device for quite a while now, and we had been treated with a handful of leaked images of the rig already.

The latest we stumbled upon happens to be a real life picture of the phone, which has been codenamed Normandy.

Folks at Vizileaks managed to unearth the picture and post it on their web space, thereby giving the world the chance to take a look at what the Normandy would actually look like.

As we tend to go by their inference in this case,  we don’t have any reason not to believe them.  So, it looks like the Nokia Normandy might be on its way to te retail market and carriers very soon.


Nokia’s stance of taking sides with Android is a change in strategy, considering that it has stood by Windows Phone for quite a while now. When an Android rig comes from the Nokia stables, it sure generates interest, doesn’t it?

But then, the Normandy leak apart, Nokia’s allegiance to Microsoft need not be questioned so soon.

We would really have to wait to know if Nokia’s shift to Android is a long term strategy aimed at capturing a big chunk of the market.  Let’s wait to know.

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