Moto X Heads for Europe; to Land in the UK, France and Germany this February

January 15, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Those of you in Europe who have been waiting to lay your hands on the Moto X have good news here. Motorola said on Tuesday that its Moto X smartphone will hit Europe soon.

By February the much touted smart phone will soon be available in France, Britain and Germany. According to a report that quoted Andrew Morley , manager at Motorola Mobility, the company’s roots are deep in mobile hardware and now as a Google company, they also have the resources to build a 4G smartphone like Moto X.

He added that this will fuse Motorola’s history of mobile innovation with the best of Google mobile services.


Moto X will cost around 25 pounds per month on contract to 380 pounds total without a SIM card. It will be almost 429 euros in France. Moto X was launched in United States last year.

Another version of Moto G, has sold out internally, though the latter is a cheaper version of the X. The phones are powered by Google’s Android OS.

Motorola, which almost sank into non existence some time ago, is now trying to regain its prominence in the market, by including various steps like aggressive pricing and much more.

At the CES 2014, we also heard Chief Executive Dennis Woodside says that the company is looking at gaining grounds against rivals like Apple.

Since its acquisition by Google, Motorola introduced its Moto X handset in the United States along with the less expensive Moto G, which targeted cost-conscious consumers. Motorola is now ready to market different phones at different prices and get real aggressive about the marketing.


It needs to be recalled that when Moto X was first launched in US, more than a 1000 phones were sold in just eight minutes. The Moto X initially did not have a contract offered; and was launched at a pricing of $599, while the Moto G was launched at $399.

Motorola, once a pioneer in mobile technology was struggling in the past couple of years, especially since Apple and Samsung began dominating the market.  As mentioned by Woodside, scale matters and it has become important that Motorola rolls out products which would excite consumers.

So, Europe, here she comes!

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