China Set to Block Video Games Which the Nation Sees as Hostile

January 15, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

China has now begun to draft new rules to restrict the selling of video games and consoles in the country.

A fourteen-year-old ban on games was recently lifted. The new move comes close on the heels of this.

Cai Wu, the head of China’s Ministry of Culture, has been quoted as saying that the rules will be written as early as possible, although a deadline has not been set as yet.

Going by what Gamespot says, Cai Wu said that things that are hostile to China, or that do not conform to the outlook of the nation’s government will not be allowed.


According to him, though under the free-trade zone, the government does want a breath of fresh air; and so they will still screen to block the “flies and mosquitoes.” A game that is likely to be banned is Battlefield 4, which the Chinese government sees as a threat to national security.

China first banned game consoles in 2000, after the concerns on probable harm of it on children’s mental and physical health emerged.

We still do not know about the long term prosperity of these companies in China. On the other hand, the representatives of Sony and Nintendo have commented that they will look into opportunities on how to approach the new market.

Microsoft and Shanghai-based BestTV also have announced a multi-million dollar partnership in September to exploit the new market.

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