Foobler Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder Can be Your Pet Dog’s Best Friend

January 14, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You love your pet. We know that. And you will do anything to keep your pet dog happy right?

Guys behind a new device know that as much as you do, and that could be why the Foobler has taken shape.

Wondering what the Foobler is? The Foobler is in fact an automatic treat and food dispenser for your dog. So now you need not worry whether your pet puppy has had his meal or not even when you are away at work.

The Foobler will serve him the treats even when you are nowhere near. It has been designed to keep your dog entertained when you can’t be beside him too.


The makers have programmed the Foobler to serve treats and food for your dog at timed intervals throughout the day.  The device is attached with a bell that would alert your pet dog to know when more treats are coming his way.

The concept stems from the realization that dogs have this natural tendency to hunt for food. This new automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder comes with six timer activated pods, which function like 6 puzzle toys merged into one.

Thus it helps deliver a full day’s worth of regular treats for your pet pup to enjoy. Now on Kickstarter, the Foobler has already managed to mop up more than its $40,000 goal.

So when it comes to retail soon, you will be able to pick your dog’s new best friend for $45.  Here’s a video you would like to watch.

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