Chinese Phonemakers Make Use of CES Platform to Hit it Big in the US

January 14, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you all know, there were lots and lots of innovators at the Consumer Electronics Show this year around. From device makers to app makers to in car entertainment companies and more, the event came about as a perfect platform to strut new stuff.

Though the American customer community, more or less, swear by the top names, the CES 2014 turns out to be a platform for even the not so known innovators to display their devices and concepts.

The Chinese companies, who have been churning out pretty good rigs for quite some time, have been able to catch some customer interest, but not much though. So when CES 2014 opened, it was time for them to showcase what they think are better than some of the best currently available.


And, they did!  Though the Koran counterparts have been having a field day every day, the Chinese phone makers were not willing to give up. Going by what ZedNet found at the venue , LG debuted its 6-inch G-Flex and even found carriers for the US market.  Meanwhile, Chinese maker Huawei also brought in a new refreshed variant of the Ascend Mate  and failed to spell out any carrier name for the US.

Such has been the case of disparity between Korean and Chinese devices. But then, China is indeed a force to reckon with. If you had been there at the CES area, you would have understood why the Chinese presence got noted.

At the CES podium, one of the names that received applause is Meizu, the China phone maker who said it would bring in a new device to the US in Q3. Another giant, Lenovo, also charted out plans to make it big in the US in the next three year period.

What was indeed significant was the announcement made by Xiaomi , the low cost smartphone manufacturer that got applauded by none other than Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. According to Wozniak , Xiaomi is “good enough to break the American market”.


Considering that the Chinese presence is fast spreading n the US or is set to grow on North American shores, the prominence that Chinese phonemakers such as Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo have been targeting to achieve in the US, coud prove to be a fillip to peers in the Asian nation.

It needs to be noted that carrier Sprint had already sole a ZTE handset, while T-Mobile carried Huawei and ZTE devices in the US. More are actually on the road to successfully plant popularity among the US audience.

In the days to come, Chinese makers will push lot more devices – high end as well as low cost – in the US terrain. The CES 2014 has proved to be a perfect launch pad for many. How do you expect them to fare against competition? Tell us your views.

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