Smart Home Concepts Take Centerstage; Focuses on Functionality

January 13, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The smart home sector is finally getting rid of its “we are for the geeks” phase, and is now concentrating on more important features like functionality.

At the 2014 International CES  the manufacturers are trying to make the home connected through practical technological applications. This is a major step ahead as far as the concept of “smart homes” is concerned.

This means we use technology to control everything, even lights and locks, everything with the help of a mobile device. But it has been tormenting for the customers whey they need these features.


Marking a stark change this CES it is drastically changing the approach, now it’s all about the devices in your home speaking to each other! “Smart” now means practical and useful!  And of course, affordable.

The Lowe’s Iris Home Management System, for example, lets homeowners monitor and control various aspects of their homes via a cloud-based remote interface. Through this, a user can log in to the system even by a Web browser or a smartphone app.

The system though originally also included cameras, thermostats and motion sensors at the CES 2014, the company introduced a garage door opener and a water shut-off valve.

Another start up firm Revolv also has the option of integrating third-party smart devices, like Philips Hue LEDs, the Nest thermostat, Sonos wireless speakers and Yale locks etc.

A smart home  also should have safety features, and also alert systems. It should essentially have eyes and ears to that monitors every door and window and even alerts to let you know of unknown movements.

Returning at this year’s CES, the companies showed how far the expansion of its security suite has taken place. Smart locks are also in now, with companies like Kwikset, which through its Kevo system incorporates regular metal keys, automobile-style key fobs and smartphone control.

Kevo gains attention because it can also be used like a traditional lock and allows controlling or accessing your home, despite the distance.

 And finally, smart features can simple too seems to be the new mojo at CES. LG also previewed HomeChat in a news release even before CES, which comprises  appliances that are equipped with this can communicate through texts or even natural speech to give commands and notifications.

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