Detachable Hybrid Takes a New Shape at Toshiba; New Device on CES Showcase

January 10, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You have seen laptops, and you have also seen tablets. You have also seen laptop hybrids. You have also played with almost all of them.

What if someone offers a device that would bring to you a somewhat  middle ground between a laptop-tablet hybrid? You would try it, for sure.

Toshiba too knows you would try it out. And that might be why the Japanese major had started working on a device of that nature.

As if to generate some amount of excitement, Toshiba has even brought it in to the CES 2014 arena, so that you and I can see it too and how it takes shape before it finally launches on to the market in style.


What is on showcase at CES 2014 is an under-development prototype , which the company believes would be a perfect middle ground between different styles of laptop-tablet hybrids, as reported by folks at CNet.

The device hasn’t been christened as yet. One look at it would bring to you memories of the Lenovo’s Yoga device. That is, it comes with a 360-degree fold-back hinge, apart from working as a normal laptop.

What you would find interesting in the new outing from the Toshiba stables is that the keyboard of this unnamed beauty can be detached from the chassis. The twist is that it isn’t just the screen that will move away when you detach the keypad, , roughly two-thirds of the chassis too pulls away.

So what you will be left with would be a wireless standalone keyboard, and a tablet screen with an attached hinged stand. How about that?


And then, proceed further by trying to fold the laptop body, and it will indeed fold to give shape to a stand.  You might get to think this is one awesome all-in-one Toshiba has made for you, when you see the keyboard resting away.

You may also want to try out experimenting with the detached keyboard, and one way would be to plug in the detached keyboard upside down. Lo and behold, you then get to fold the 360-degree hinge all the way back and end up with a tablet.

We love the design, but this being the prototype we might see more changes coming in before launch, which could happen sometime later this year. Stay tuned.

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