LaCie Culbuto USB Key Bobs like Roly Poly Toy When Not in Use

January 9, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A couple of day s ago we told you about a variety of LaCie innovations that were heading for the CES 2014 show. Adding to the list, the company has now brought on one more.

The new LaCie Culbuto that has hopped on to the CES  showcase is an USB key designed by French designer Constance Guisset. In case you aren’t aware,  Culbuto is French for a toy with a weighted base that keeps the object vertical even after it is knocked down.

This one in fact acts like the toy, as it bobs side to side as it is poked  when it isn’t connected to a PC. Constance Guisset’s  fascination for repeated and infinite oscillation  has given shape to this device, it seems. As he himself says, when LaCie asked him to develop this idea, Culbuto was the result.


For the record, the LaCie Culbuto is a storage device that comes with a spherical solid metal base topped with a silicone rubber stem that ends with a USB 3.0 connector.

A cap that closes off the LaCie Culbuto has been provided with a slit to hold a photo or business card. LaCie believes that design-conscious consumers will appreciate both the speed benefits of USB 3.0 and the key’s additional purpose as a whimsical picture holder when not in use.

Significant about the device is that even in the case of loss, theft or unauthorized access, files are secure with password protection. In addition, the key comes equipped with LaCie Backup Assistant for automatic backup.

To be made available in 16GB and 32GB variants via the LaCie online store and LaCie resellers, you may pick yours for prices starting at $49.99.

Here’s a video that elaborates on the new device. Take a look before you hit  the road to CES.

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