Vuzix V720 Video Headphones Let You Watch Videos Too

January 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered if you could watch videos while you are using your headphones? Well, Vuzix seem to have thought about it, and made it come true as well!

The 2014 CES saw Vuzix getting the Innovation Award for its new V720 video headphones.

These will offer headphone sound while it brings to you the video in two screens at 720p in front of your eyes. The screens are housed in a visor for you to enjoy dual screen output for 3D videos.


The Vuzix V720 video headphones also can be connected to PCs, phones, tablets, and game consoles. Yes, you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, thanks to its 3D HDMI!

Pocket-lint said this could as well be a replacement for 3D television as well. They add that this is the sixteenth time that Vuzix has won the awards. Vuzix bagged the Best of Innovation Award for the M100 Smart Glasses last year too.

The V720 looks much smaller than Sony’s HMZ-T3W visor, it could just not get more compatible! Right? But Sony’s headset creates a virtual 750-inch screen from about twenty metres away for £1300, whereas Vuzix isn’t clear on what the costs will be at.

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