DreamWorks and Fuhu Prep Dreamtab for Your Kids

January 6, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

DreamWorks Studios, in collaboration with Nabi-tablet creator Fuhu, has come out with a tablet, exclusively for children!

This 8-inch tablet, called DreamTab, will cost less than $300. A report which appeared in The New York Times say that DreamTab will be regularly update automatically by the original contents that are generated by DreamWorks.

All content is said to be optimized for tablet viewing.

Nancy Bernstein, a producer with DreamWorks, has been quoted as saying that they are developing a series of “character moments” for the tablet from DreamWorks movies like “Shrek”, “Madagascar” and “How to train your dragon”.


Shrek might appear in between a skit to remind that it is time to switch off. She says eventually the kids will learn to turn off the tablet on their own. The tablets also feature parental controls.

DreamTab will have a stylus, unlike most other tabs. Reports suggest that the styles technology is the same as the one used by DreamWorks artists to make movies.

From this, we need to infer that the device will help children in learning to draw and explore their creativity. Set to launch this spring, along with a list of accessories, Fuhu says a twelve inch tablet is also on its way.

The Dreamtab will launch this spring with a line of DreamWorks-compatible accessories, such as headphones, bumpers, and cases.

A 12-inch version of the Android tablet is also in the works. Head of digital strategy at DreamWorks, Jim Mainard says they can push out a new character literally every year.


The tablet is expected to launch at the International Consumer Electronics Show which will start of at Las Vegas coming Tuesday.

According to NYT, the partnership of Fuhu and DreamWorks  is a convergence of two different business trends. In times when kids as little as two and three have access to their parents device, this is a race to capture the toddler’s market.

Fuhu, had earlier sold more than two million Nabis in 2013, which are designed for children between the age of 6 to 11.

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