CES 2014 Set to Begin: What You Need to Expect at the Venue

January 2, 2014, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As 2014 arrives, the tech world is eagerly waiting for CES at Las Vegas. This is where tech giants and relatively new companies reach out to showcase their new products.

Into its 47th year, CES is the most sought after event in the tech space, despite attempts by Mobile World Congress and IFA to steal its charm.

According to folks at CNET, this time around we can expect a range of devices from tablets to home audio rigs.

The biggest highlight of the event will be the wearables. After their rapid growth during last year, they are set to expand like never before this year.

Sharp Aquos

Ace players in the wearable market like Fitbit and Pebble, along with other established companies like LG and even new startups are craving for recognition in this space.

Fitness trackers and smart watches are expected to seek an audience for sure. Reports suggest that Google will not have a stall at Las Vegas, but you may get to see Google Glass apps there for sure.

Did you know smart homes are trending this New Year? Even as the smart home concept, a home controlled through your smartphone, had advanced a lot in 2013, the CES this year would bring to the fore a variety of DIY home security options, like locks that don’t need a key, and home lighting like never before.

The  latter will be given more attention as 60 and 40-watt incandescent bulbs are being banned from the beginning of2014.


Then come the smart cars! As the Detroit Auto Show will happen as soon as CES is over, industrialists are likely to use the platform at Las Vegas to demonstrate connected car technologies.

The much-touted “Google-Audi” Android partnership is set to happen here. Also, there will be other announcements surrounding alternative fuels and self-driving vehicles.

Even as desktops fade away, new devices are on the run to take their place. One of the highly expected products among these includes Valve’s Steambox. Though still in the testing stage, what it does is simple; it whispers to old desktops to rest in peace.

Steambox would eliminate big, bulky models focused on gaming, and if reports are to be believed, this one could be the coolest one centred on gaming for a very long time to come.

And moving on, the TV section has always been a highlight at CES.  Though 4K TVs will be big, plasma displays will be none or very few. But OLED stays, even the mainstream ones! These may be far too expensive for anyone to touch, though


You will also come across more apps and smarter TVs that will respond to voice commands. Bigger displays in TV, curved displays and higher resolution are going to be key trends. Also, hand free controls and 64-bit chips will be seen at large.

CES starts off next Tuesday, on January 7, 2014, and would run till the following Friday. A lot of action can also be expected the coming Monday, the official CES press day.

The real fun begins on Sunday with the CES Unveiling at MandalayBay. Are you going to be there?

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