Nokia Lumia 1520 Charms India Market; Price Tag Not a Concern for the Buyer

December 31, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to mobile phones, the Indian market behaves in a unique manner. Though the biggies like Samsung and Apple have made their way into the Indian marketplace in a big way, selling almost all the devices they brought into this space, there is one company that the Indian mobile phone user swears by.

And, that is Nokia. Adored for the rough and tough features the devices offer, Nokia has a huge fan base in the sub-continental terrain. Every time Nokia brings in a new device, the Indian customer is elated.

There have been many a Nokia device that still find space in the retailer racks, even after the US and European customers have shunned them. The company had even come up with a Made for India ad tag sometime ago, thanks to the love showered on it by the common man in the country.


As in the case of other Nokia devices, the Lumia 1520 also has been a huge hit in the Indian terrain.

The smart device that sports a six inch display and is powered by Windows Phone 8 OS is being lapped up by the Indian buyers. This phablet from their most trusted device maker is on its way to become one of the most sought after rigs in this part of the world.

What adds to the cool specs list is the manner in which colour Nokia has painted the device’s exteriors. The color options has been giving the Indian customer fascinating smiles.

A while after the debut itself, the device sold like hot cakes this Christmas season. What comes a surprising is that the customers who prefer wallet friendly stuff have not thought twice before spending a good amount of their hard earned money, so as to own the handset.

Going by what Nokia has displayed on its web pages, the handset is available in hues of red, black, white, and yellow. The significant aspect there is that all these colors have already been exhausted.


Flipkart, one of the most successful online vendors, has run out of the six-inch rig.  The online counter of FLipkart had offered a sizable discount for those who picked the device.

Nokia has already announced a 17 percent discount off the initial price  of Rs 56,539. This price is expensive by Indian standards, but the customer isn’t bothered because it happens to be a Nokia phablet.

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