Mobile Traffic Peaks this Christmas Season

December 30, 2013, By Daniel Rapcencu

Christmas shopping this year has brought to light a new trend in online traffic. As per the yearly IBM Digital Analytic Benchmark, mobile traffic has reached its peak during the festive season.

Mobile traffic stood at 48 percent this year, an almost 20 percent jump from the 28.3 percent last year.

A good part of this surge in browsing  happened because of smartphones, as about 28.5 percent of them stood for online traffic, whereas tablets accounted for 18.1 percent of the web traffic during Christmas.


Online shopping also jumped 16.5 percent this year than the figures recorded during 2012. Meanwhile, smartphone users who shopped online account for 9.3 percent, but in the case of tablets it stood at 19.4 percent. Interestingly, tablet users are more spent thrifts according to the report.

The tablet users spent around $95.61 per order, on an average. Smarties only spent about $85.11 on the average. Another interesting fact was that online shopping this season was at its peak usage, mostly through Apple devices.

Apple device users also tend to spend more shopping with their mobile devices. IBM opines that the sales were successfully likely to be closed about five times more with Apple than using Android devices.

The iOS mobile operating system accounted for 23% of total online purchases during the period while Google Android OS, brought home only 4.6% of online sales.


Hence, users of iOS spent about $93.94 per order which is two times the amount spent by Android users, who only spend an average of $48.10 per order. Apple also ruled the overall traffic on major websites, as it drove 32.6% of traffic compared to Android’s 14.8%

Also, the online shoppers who were directed from Facebook, spent an average of $72.01 per order meanwhile those from Pinterest have a greater average of $86.83 per order. But the report suggests that people directed from Facebook surely made purchases at about four times more than that of those from Pinterest.

All these indicate that there is certainly a stronger confidence among consumers in social network and related marketing.

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