Apple 2014 Slates Likely to Sport Higher Resolution Displays

December 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has always made it a point to stay brilliant on headline space.  Ever since the first iPad arrived this has been the scene.

So many years have passed since the first ever iPad and the iPhone, and Apple’s popularity now knows no bounds. The Cupertino company experimented with many an innovation including the Retina Display, and has ruled the tech space with elan.

Many a rival arrived in between and the competition posed by the Android makers has spurred the company to look at innovating for more.


What we are arriving at is the new upcoming iPad Pro, and there have been many a rumor on the device, of late.

What you would get to play with, when the device arrives would – in all probability – be a higher resolution screen. That could also mean that Apple might give its Retina Display a break.

Going by a report we just stumbled upon, Apple is likely to rest its Retina Display feature in the new slate and go for a higher screen resolution.

May be this could be due to the rivalry posed by Android devices that offer huge resolution displays. It needs to be noted that the iPad Air, which came a few months ago, did not do well though it was an awesome device on all counts. But then, the display ditched enthusiasm from among even the die-hard fans of Apple.


In contrast, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX scored much more browny points than the iPad Air when it came to resolution standards.

This looked like one area of major concern for Apple , and so the company seems to be working on that so that the new slate that is set to arrive without much delay would sport better resolution.

It is being said that Apple might test its upcoming tablets with both 2K and 4K displays. And so we have reasons to believe that the 2K iPad Pro, which is expected for launch by the second quarter of next year, could come with an awesome display.  And if that isn’t enough, the 4K version iPad Pro might boast 4096 x 3072 screen resolution, when it arrives later on.

Looks like 2014 might bring more charm from Apple.

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